If you would like to inquire about developing a net-metering solar project for your town, school district, business, or organization, please gather the following materials and information so that we can calculate the discount you would see on your energy bill and more efficiently draft and design a suitable project proposal for you.

  • Past 12 months of utility bills so that we can assess your energy usage and size your project appropriately.
  • Will the electricity that is generated by the solar array be credited towards the energy usage of one facility or several (e.g. several different schools or a town office and a wastewater treatment plant)?
  • Do you have an open parcel of land on which you would like to construct the solar array, or would you prefer to site the project remotely on land owned by Green Peak Solar (at no cost to you)?

Once you have this information on hand, or if you would like to learn more about the process of developing a solar project for your organization, please contact our associate in project development to make your inquiry:

Nathaniel Vandal
206-601-8834 (c)